[D-G] Rejected message: Re: 1949 Diss. on Spinoza and Vedanta

hwenk hwenk at web.de
Sat Jan 17 13:42:36 PST 2009

[This is in response to the list moderator's rejection of Hwenk's
messages due to their excess of "misprints" ]

Non Dear -m,

I miss in this list, that anyone is really interested and doing
real "material" "content" discussion on the philosophy of D&G.
Indeed there is a lot of sheer sabotage and hiding.
In Germany, also getting better, there is little knowledge
and influence of D&G.
As intellectuals all over the world have to
do with psychogenesis, own or foreign, which is
without problems almost with probability zero,
an up-to-state-of-the-art philosophy conerning psyche, brain, body
and thinking forms, notions is necessary for them.

Actual, the philosophy of money by Bernard Schmitt
adopted by D&G is very interesting.

To get some intellectual and at best pragmatic
abilty of handling the very very huge of amount of
contra-happiness, old fashioned irrational, behaviour of people,
individual and collective, is also something, which the
intellectuals can expect for their hard mental work.

The misprints are often due to some
very strange sort of "hacking".
I have written published books for other authors.
To make them misprintfree was a lot of labour.

Therfore, as the texts I write aim to make things understandable,
which needs much more words out of bad experience than
in the usual name droping and notions dog-like barking attitude.
Some calls this professional contraction, but it leads often to a
living with a philosophy for years and missing very essential points 
relevant for the  interpret.
In my experience, the effiency of raw elaborated language code is
very very low.

"If the book were not so short, reading would not be so long" (One of
the few true cites from Kant).

Third, the threshold of writing and understanding is lowered to
an understanding and partipicpation
even for not acadmics beyond the fifth year.

As this vast amount of people is existential living,
a relevant philosophy and philosophical discussion
is an urgent need for them.
Especially,  if they are confronted with severe psychic problems.

I am more than astonished, reading you are so larmoyant in the 
question of being a leftist as the administrator of a list of Deleuze 
Guattari, who were the most prominent philosophical speakers
of the May 68 and more left  than the socialists and communists in France.
Declared Marxists and Anarchists  - what's left left from that political?

"No - I have never seen a leftist?" (You know the adapted original from D&G).

greetings Harald

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