[D-G] 1949 Diss. on Spinoza and Vedanta

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Hello Susan,

You are not satisfied with our Vedanta discussion?
You can improve your chances to
get the direction of that or other discussions
which is more interesting for you, if you
express more what you would like.

Vedanta is useful for the connection
of western science with eastern, especially
yogic and philosophical traditions.
Even neurolgical, psychiatric, subjectivating.

You  know, thart there are
moral codes in Imdian Philosophy: Truthfullness, "chastity" , non stealing, 
non possesiveness.....

 "Chastity" looks pretty "Victorian" repressive.

Now,  with chastity we have on one hand
sexual liberation on the other hand the fight against sexism
by parts of the womans lib movements.
The original Indian yogic approach was something
like Nietzsche's worth of noble and fraud.
Noble sexual liberation is connected to "fineness",
tantra as practice (adopted by D&G), noble arts.
Fraud would be a open more brute or very lieful
reducing to sexuality by repressing the rest or even sexuality itself.
Therefore in my  eyes non chastity is most present in
"dirty" language  on sexuality, not in practicing it.
The pure Jainas went naked and so do the yogis often.

And Spinza open states: "Shame and disgust are not included in the guidance 
of reason"

Vedanta has also a virtue, very offending some times, of absolute courage.
There has to be no fear  of death, which is the root of all fears and
then of shame and disgust.
So, there has to be no fear at all.
Therefore, a Vedantin should not have chastity "brahmacharia",
not out of fear or condition disgust.

This question is solved by a story of the Vedanta founder Shankara, living 
in celebacy but, being challenged, he entered the body of a
kind of Indian Casanova, absolving all  stages
of making love in extreme perfectness in one day.

Indeed, Victorian England seems to have had a very bad influence
concerning that denaturalization in respect to sexuality, the more natural 
sexuality was overpowered with moral codes.
This in the native land of the extreme body conciousnes and awareness
of the connection of sexual intensity by yoga to the deepness of 
subjectivation,  is some sort of mass crime to the human souls
and humanity.

I mean, Foucault worked on the practices of the body in "Sexuality and
Truth",  the Indian tantric tradition is much more helpful than
the more popular known Kama Sutra.
This is very intersting too, as the last  is the padagogic, school of the 
ruling classes, the aristocraty, teaching their youth sexual behviour.

If we think on the heretics and practices in the monastries in Europe,
weexperince some sort of tragic concerning the ever wasting, destroying, 
making out of use
the already found right practices by the  ruling classes.

Nowadays even kissing in the street of married couples is reported to
bring trouble in some cities in India.
But may be, this is hold and strengthend in defence against to much 
prostitution because of the myriads of poor people there.
But the repressive denaturalization by britisch colonialism
and the forgoing rulers of India stays the main fact in that issue.

If you interested in other connections.........

gretings Harald Wenk
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> Hi,
> I am just joining this list for the first time...Harald Wenk mentioned a 
> diss on
> Spinoza and Vedanta - would you have a citation for that so I can take a 
> look?
> best,
> Susan
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