[D-G] 1949 Diss. on Spinoza and Vedanta

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I guess anything published by Banares Hindu Univ. will show how 'x' is vedanta....or in what way vedanta is better....than 'x'.


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Hello Susan,

Here we are:

Spinoza in the light of the Vedanta
  Autor/in Tripathi, Rama Kanta
  Abstract (1.ed.)
Banaras (1957). XIV,349 S.[Benedictus de Spinoza]
(Banaras Hindu Univ. Darsana Series. 1.)
  Jahr 1957

You may get her in Germany in a University library in Munich.
It is thr first dissertation of this "official" Series.

This may have the reason, that Spinoza is doing metaphysics
in accordance with Vedanta, although some differences are found
in the book.
But, two heads, ten thinkings, that is very usual.

Going the other way than usual: your interst is more in Spinoza, Vedanta, 
Deleuze Guattari or a theme covered
by them all like liberation (moksha?).

greetings Harald Wenk

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