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Sun Aug 30 11:54:58 PDT 2009

Montagne, mentioned in the previous message, connects here:

(Scroll down to Apiospora montagni Saccardo, and the entries 2803 gopher hair, and 7489 for the mellein moiety of the compound. Mellein is the major constituent of honey-bee venom.

(Type in abstract number)

12604562   Temporin / Batrachochytrium / Wasp Venom

Also in the catalog above, see Pseudoeurotium bakeri and the entry for Playpus cylindrus.

See Arachniotus aurantiacus = Pseudoarachniotus aurantiacus. Scroll down to Penicillium simplicissimum (Oudemans 1903) Thom 1930 = P. janthinellum. Under janthinellum one sees  'tolshcha lednika... (1760 let) antarktida.' It certainly appears to be deep snow in the year 1760 in Antarctica, though my translation may be incorrect.


17381742  Janthinobacterium lividum / Batrachochytrium / Violacein

18949519  Salamander / Batrachochytrium


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