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This American generica spoken of is an interesting concept, especially if we (myself and all of these authors in my head) compare it to a plane of immanence, and the matter of stocking and feeding oneself. To live deliberately may include not only the weaning from fossil fuel, but charity food. The sedentary lives insulated, the nomad, less so, and with that, there are times when both the nomad and sedentary will be forced to practice intentional self-deception in a coherent self, simply to be able to maintain amongst the delirium. Thus, if indeed this writer decides to set out on a deliberate trajectory across America from Indiana to New Mexico with a loaded-down bicycle to find out just what can be learned about the plane (which, of course, must instill its own drugs), there should be more to speak of about whether Deleuze's philosophy actually ends up as a compromise with god, or the other way around. Fosssil fuel and the ability to traverse the
 landscape swiftly and easily, blurs the parameters of the truth about agriculture: to be more safe on a bicycle, one would by default use county roads and less-travelled roads. The interstate is rumored to be a private road (according to the degree of arrogance of just what particular policeman  one is talking to).

The paradox of agricultural generica should become more clear, as there will undoubtedly be less opportunities to work for a bit of food, bicycle tire patches, etc. I'm thinking of a little restaurant in Portland, Oregon, just off Pioneer Square: Little Sisters of the Road, where one may work to pay for their meals, by doing a bit of sweeping and cleaning up. This is contrary to institutionalized misery and resentment one must forego in the more established charity installations, where career opportunities are also more abundant.

This ride-walk has been engendered for these reasons:

1) A proposed bicycle ride from Santa Fe to the Grand Canyon to commemorate Eric York, the biologist who worked with pumas. The puma population above Los Angeles is suffering from FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), and likely those at the Grand Canyon.

2) Apathy and silence with regard to mentioning 1) to people who may be interested.

3) Lack (capitalists like that word) of bus-fare from Indiana to New Mexico (here I must recall and thank again, Beasley-Murray for covering the cost and red tape of shipping my philosophy books from Duke to the Western rhizome. This time, there is no difference: I still refuse to part with my research notes, and these currently have important info on such things as melting glaciers, dolphinpox virus off the Peruvian coast,  plague, swine flu, world amphibian decline, etc. 

Cherish derelict spaces.


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