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hwenk hwenk at web.de
Mon Oct 20 10:36:59 PDT 2008

Dear Chris,
I have already downloaded the book of Deleuze
with the Bergson article.
Of course I would like to get the text of Crtical and Clinical.

As far as I know, mentioned in Massumi's book, the
participation of Guattari in antipsychiaitry was a little bit
The subjectivation of people
whose brain is very mouldable, spontaneous und
by envirenment in a "therapeutic" setting
should enhance the old monastry subjectivation
In chaosmose he is writing a little about it to.
He did a lot group dynamics, including theatre groups.
So, I would be very pleased to get the link to the pdf. file.


I  like to remark, that duration is not  to understand
as human memory.
A geological formation is a duration on the earth.
The art to embrace the  body mind by ""formal" notions,
the main ontological mean of thinking adopted from
Duns Scotus and Spinoza, is  hard to get used to.
Especially, if the "constructivist" self-setting property
of notions is used.

Indeed the difference by nature  in atoms is one,
because it is not a result of inner difference of atoms,
but of numerical difference in number of nucleons.
So, the example of matter from Deleuze's
Bergson article  is handled in detail.


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