[D-G] Close reading : Bergson's conception of difference [1 paragraph]

malgosia askanas ma at panix.com
Mon Oct 13 11:22:27 PDT 2008

Filip wrote:

>1)so atoms have a difference of degree if you consider there atomic weight ?
>the difference of nature lies in the fact that when used in a reaction
>the elements have different effects ?

I am not clear on how two actual beings (such as two individual atoms, or two
bacteria) can ever be said to differ only in degree.  Is it possible? 
I can see
how, if I am playing a radio station at the same time on two 
different  radios, at
different loudnesses, the two "playings" can be said to differ only in degree
(of loudness).  But even if the two "playings" (of the same music, say) happen
at different times, there already, it seems to me, is a difference between
them in something other than just degree - though I don't know if this
"other" is what would be called "in nature".  But in any case, if
we are dealing with two different atoms of two
different substances, wouldn't that which makes one be an atom of one
substance and the other an atom of another substance be a matter of _internal_
difference - a difference in the internal structures of the atoms -
and therefore definitely a difference _in nature_?

And what if the atoms are of the same substance?  They are still two different
individuals.   Of what type is then their difference?


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