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Hello all, nice to see some ineresting activity on this list.

i must admit i get very 'stuck' on the opening pages of DR. Repetition is not generality-isn't that a generality masked under an apophatic strategem?-reminds me of negative theology. it might be interesting to have a dialogue with ATP at the same time-i am sure that generality as described by Deleuze becomes molarity in this text -and I am even more sure that the Nietzsche of Heidegger is synonymous with this molarity. What is going on with this ecluded self same of singularity that repeats with monotonous regularity? there seems to be a monumental dimesnion to the repetition that does not fit the claims of repetitions. 

just some thoughts

nb i hope the conversation stays on this list-it would be good to share it 
-i hope it stays here as i would get lot  

Sloughing one's skin.-The snake that cannot slough its skin perishes. Likewise spirits which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be spirits (Nietzsche: Daybreak:V:573)   

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well what are we meant to do now?

In the opening pages of Repetition and Difference, Deleuze poses repetition
in contradistinction to generality.

He writes that: "...generality expresses a point of view according to which
one term may be exchanged or substituted for another. The exchange or
substitution of particulars defines our conduct in relation to generality.
…. By contrast, we can see that repetition is a necessary and justified
conduct only in relation to that which cannot be replaced. Repetition as a
conduct and as a point of view concerns non-exchangeable and
non-substitutable singularities. ...".

Deleuze poses law as generality: "… generality belongs to the order of laws.
… It is against the law: against the similar form and the equivalent content
of law. If repetition can be found, … it is in the name of a power which
affirms itself against the law, which works underneath laws, perhaps
superior to laws. … In every respect, repetition is a transgression. It puts
law into question, it denounces its nominal or general character in favour
of a more profound and more artistic reality".

 Generality, for Deleuze, exists where a one term may be exchanged or
substituted for another.

... defined by the general rule, the rule that is applied equally across the
board. But we would need to distort the facts, each singular experience in
each case to fit it into that rule. The law would condemn the different
locals to change. "As an empty form of difference, an invariable form of
variation, a law compels its subjects to illustrate it only at the cost of
their own change".

In contradistinction Deleuze tells us that repetition is the application of
an idea to different circumstances - or better a necessary and justified
conduct only in relation to something that cannot be replaced or
substituted. "To repeat is to behave in a certain manner, but in relation to
something unique or singular which has no equal or equivalent. ...".

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