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Tue Oct 7 07:11:03 PDT 2008

Dear Group,

I Think, for ar reading of  "Mille Plateaux"the article of  DeLanda "Geology  of morals"
would be of adequate size and content.
Taken together with the link to *capitsmschitohrenia", where he is cited a  lot.
Without common referential preparation the book is hard to read.

In case of "Difference and Repetition" Deleuze states, that one may
perhaps read only only the introduction and the end.
So, a discussion of the introduction of "Difference and repetition"
lies in my eyes within the scope of a common reading - at first.

I see no need for a blog too.
If there is  a preformed group, which like to discuss,
several threads could be  used.

Massumi was most impressed by the  Anti-Oedipe, which in my eyes is
a necessary preparation as volume I before a reading of  "Mille plateaux".
This is my view too.
On pedagogical grounds, the neurological, brain and libido economical
thinking and things should be thought over.
Therefore the "Anti-Oedipe" should be read first or  at least summed up.
The (neuro)Logical "syntheses" are a main theme. "Thousand plateaus" is a general scientific all view and a general history too.
"Rhizome" is without the brain structure before the eyes hard to understand.
The ontology of "Difference and Repetition" is better understood withthe psychoanalytic 'compulsion to repetition and the drive to death'  as
'enemy' - beside the announced Hegel.
And "Identity and Difference" by Heidegger is a source of inspiration for "Difference and Repetition".Acquaintance with Spinoza is very good as preparation.

Greetings Harald Wenk

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