[D-G] Close reading : Bergson's conception of difference [1 paragraph]

filip fildh at gmx.net
Mon Oct 6 13:08:58 PDT 2008

The philosophy of Bergson,
 and inversely, Bergsonism promises to make an inestimable contribution to a
 philosophy of difference. Such a philosophy is always at work on two 
 planes: the one methodological, and the other ontological. On the one 
hand, we
 must determine the differences of nature between things: only in this 
way will
 we be able "to return" to the things themselves, to account for them 
 reducing them to something other than what they are, to grasp them in their
 being. On the other hand, if the being of things is somehow in their 
 of nature, we can expect that difference itself is something, that it 
has a nature,
 that it will yield Being. These two problems, methodological and 
 constantly echo one another: the problem of the differences of nature, 
the prob­
 lem of the nature of difference. In Bergson's work, we encounter these two
 problems in their connection, surprising them in their passage back and 

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