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Henri Lefebvre and the Critique of Everyday Life
with Andrew Hussey and Patrick Keiller 
Thursday 29th May at 7.00 pm, London Review Bookshop 
Henri Lefebvre’s three volume magnum opus Critique of Everyday Life makes the radical case for analysing moments of everyday life, from work to leisure to family life, to see how they are colonised by 
capitalism and how, as a result, people become alienated from each other. It’s been lauded as a major 
influence on the students and workers who participated in the May Events, both in Paris and across the 
world, and is now being reissued by Verso to mark the 40th anniversary of ’68. Andrew Hussey, author of 
'Paris: The Secret History' and 'The Game of War: The Life and Death of Guy Debord', and film-maker Patrick Keiller, who wrote and directed the films 'London' and 'Robinson in Space', will discuss the work and its legacy. 
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Critique of Everyday Life Volumes 1-3
Henri Lefebvre
‘The last great classic philosopher’– Fredric Jameson
‘One of the great French intellectual activists of the twentieth century’ – David Harvey
Henri Lefebvre’s three-volume Critique of Everyday Life is perhaps the richest, most prescient work by 
one of the twentieth century’s greatest philosophers. Written at the birth of post-war consumerism, the 
Critique was a philosophical inspiration for the 1968 student Revolution in France and is considered to 
be the founding text of all that we now know as cultural studies, as well as a major influence on the 
fields of contemporary philosophy, geography, sociology, architecture, political theory and urbanism. A 
book of enormous range and subtlety, Lefebvre takes as his starting-point and guide the ‘trivial’ details 
of quotidian experience: an experience colonised by the commodity, shadowed by inauthenticity, yet one 
which remains the only source of resistance and change.
This is an enduringly radical book, untimely today only in its intransigence and optimism.
HENRI LEFEBVRE, former resistance fighter and professor of sociology at Strasbourg and Nanterre 
(1901–1991), was a member of the French Communist Party from 1928 until his expulsion in 1957. He is the author of sixty books on philosophy, sociology, politics, architecture and urbanism.

Volume 1
ISBN: 978 1 84467 191 5
Price: £14.99/$26.95
Volume 2 – Foundations for a Sociology of the Everyday
ISBN: 978 1 84467 192 2
Price: £15.99/$29.95
Volume 3 – From Modernity to Modernism
ISBN: 978 1 84467 193 9
Price: £12.99/$24.95
Complete Set of all 3 volumes at a discounted price
ISBN: 978 1 84467 194 6
Price: £35.00/$60

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