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Helllo Berry,

Deleuze's Kant book is very short and lucid.
He declares him to be an "enemy".
Perhaps a reading and discussion here of that book may suffice
for your purposes.

As discussions here are hard to keep on
the same issue for a longer time,
the common reading of Deleuze's Kant book here  would be
the most, which  realistically is   to achieve here.
Kant occurs in the Hardt book too, which is discussed in the moment
with Bergson.

It maybe helpful for the reading in the class too.
Deleuze is a real good historian of philosophy.
He spares a lot awful non oriented reading and thinking.
Maybe it has to do with his idea of "general intellectual",
who has an intellectual education with the most
and best connections to other disciplines.
If you only read his Books:  Hume, Nietzsche,
Kant, Bergson, Spinoza, Leibniz you have a
lot to do and you are have a
 education in philosophy on a very high level
At the moment the discussion on the Hardt book
is going on, which treats the books named there.
As you see by your proposal, it is hard(t) to keep the same  issue.

Rorty stated that an academic professional philosopher has to
have had a thorough study of
the "critique of pure reason".
According to him,
making it standard
is something
like the birth of world wide
academic philosophy,
It is not much more connecting
all the "professional" philosophers.
For that kind of reading class taking is not to
Maybe Husserl has "taken the place of it",
but that depends where you are studying.

In the Anti-Oedipus the "synthesis" of Kant, which are
in the mind, senses, especially seeing,  and reason, are related,  as
"structuring them",
to the synaptic neurological connections in the brain.
Marx, Freud, Lacan at least with introduction
and neurology, more than you may suspect,  are needed preparations.

As learning has to doe with solving problems
and the habit to be concerned with a problem or an issue.
So, the more you discuss
and "express" in writing, thinking  and asking,
the easier and funnier things go.

In general, to go "in medias res",
as soon, often and concentrated as possible,
is  even in the deterriolized habits
of D&G the best approach.

But, that is of course already known to you.

greetingd Harald Wenk
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I was intending on reading Kant's Critical Philosophy next year well
I am taking a class largely on Kant but I will surely join in with
anyone doing it "here." I can also get a link to a scanned copy
online if anyone wants.

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