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Dear Mr. Nevchatal,

Your computer aided paintings are really imprssive,
especially as I saw it for te first time.
the order laid in a strange netlike overlay
over the mostly naked body in connection
with the colours and the underlying
photolike body images remind strongly
of brain self organization,
or the pathways of the center of attention of the eye
with some "will" or high intensity.
Maybe you got the idea, as no real
machinery is shown, a lot of
fun or pleasure in form of voluptas
by perceving and structuring the net is produced.

So, the volupta has been produced at least in my brain.

This is of course no real worked out critique.

Greetings Harald Wenk

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Deleuze had a strong impact on my new work.

I have put some information here:


Joseph Nechvatal
Recent Paintings

Opening January 29th at:
Galerie Jean-Luc & Takako Richard
3, impasse Saint-Claude
75003 Paris

Studio Views:

  :-) With the bucolic bleating of goats :-)

Telepresently Yours,
Joseph Nechvatal

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