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Dear Filip,

That you got no Emails on te gruo was because there was litle "traffic" on
it -maybe some other reason.

I remember very well the
very interesting and elaborated discussions with you concerning
Lacan, Deleuze and Guarttari and Spinoza.
I have made some progress concerning the question discussed there.
For exanmple the "object" of Lacan and Deleuze and
the double articulation, formalization of content and expession
and the making of the articulation for the neuriolgical brain synapses
and the molecular character of the desire "machines" - which are also
chemical synthesis.
If you like, we can discuss it on the ground of the "Anti-Oedipe".

I found a reference to the book of Michael Hardt, but not a review.
To be honest, I did not read the book of
Hardt myself, which is of course very interesting
and in my eyes worth studying by itself.
I mean, it is already secondary literature,
probably mainly about "What is philophy" of D&G.

You know, that Hardt is  very important
because of his "Empire" book with Toni Negri,
which is political and economical
very advanced concerning globalization.

Are you afraid the book of Hardt is
hard(t - joke aside) to understand without a review?
The literature of Deleuze and Guattari themselves
and the secondary too is somewaht "artifical" - an "expression" of Deleuze
for it.

Here are to refernces to te Hardt Negri book discussions:

Titel	Empire and imperialism : a critical reading of Michael Hardt and
Antonio Negri / Atilio A. Boron.

Autor/in	Boron, Atilio A.

Ort/Verlag	London : Zed Books

Jahr	2005

Umfang	141 S.

ISBN	1-84277-576-6 ; 1-84277-577-4

Tracing the legal boundary between empire and multitude : wavering with
Hardt and Negri (200-2005).

Autor/in	Lippens, Ronnie

Ort/Verlag	Cambridge : Univ. Press

Jahr	2005

In	Leiden journal of international law, Vol. 18, No. 3 (2005), p. 389-402


Harald Wenk

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Hello everybody,

i'm looking for a good summary or decent book review on Michael hardt
book : An Apprenticeship in Philosophy.

Can anyone help me out on this ? i will use it as i read along the book.
and later on to study from it.

thank you so much in advance

greetings filip
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