[Deleuze-Guattari] Repression

malgosia askanas ma at panix.com
Sun Sep 30 08:52:57 PDT 2007

Dylan Kerrigan wrote, to Hwenk:

>Your emails are stopping discussions from developing, diverting the 
>course of our thinking from the ideas we would like to pursue and 
>they in their base are killing the desire of many to contribute to 
>this list - in context, the ultimate repressive act.

OK, them is fighting words.  This list is now MODERATED.   In 
particular, I am going to filter out babble and discussions of the 
perniciouness of moderating this list.  This should permit 
discussions to develop, ideas to be pursued, and desire to contribute 
to the list to soar.   If nothing like this happens (and, frankly, I 
haven't seen any sign of it in years , making me severely doubt 
Dylan's assertion,) then the list is not worth moderating and in fact 
not worth running.


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