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Dear list members,

as far as I grasped it, some Email providers
truncated an email or delete soemthing from it
if teh content is not fullfilling
the convenbtions for emails,
especially injuring character.
THereare als emailss services, as in google, which
then comne sas gmail.com
which finnds automatically caontenx s for you
and you can reply automatically.
Thsi, if an eamil wher the name
Deleuze is poccureing, you will be informed,
m,aybe you reponmse automaztically some injuring or desoreibnating
email - as you are not a frien of Deleuze forexampl.

This expalins the difficulties for such list,
as desorientation is made easy by list providers.
AS gogle with gamil.com has such service,
emiaas from gmail. com maybe have such
bnad backgriund .--n otdue to fgoole,
but to te misusers of te swervice.

I am not aware how to avoid this automazic desotienting mails.
Ha sany other in thes list an idea?

greetings Harald Wenk

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The Emails from the real Adline van Lindenbergh to this list had other
Emailadresses than: Mas Que Palabras [xavier.buades at gmail.com].

Also the contents of the mails gets more confusing,
even selfblaming and confessing some bad intentions,
especially the last two.
Looks more than the invention of a
possible invented cyber"schizo".

In old greek  had been the
cyniks, who, with the masque of being
somewwaht "crazy" had made also
hard injuries.
With a little thinking combiantion it was
often by payment of somebody who had
an interest in injuring.

This tradition goes fuerther to
teh "fools" of temiddle ages,
a mixture of crazy, saint
and comedian.
This tardition is also connected
"Who's bread I eat, who's songs I  sing".

This last tradition
is sometimes used in
a "simulacra" of fools,
like, in my exes, in this case.

As usuasl, the issue of
discussion is tried to be changed again,
although the issue of "local and
global", inaugurated by mails from
Mas Que Palabras [xavier.buades at gmail.com]
or cs bwo has been taken up.

It looks really hard to maintain
a serious discussion on isues
worthile pondering and thinking,
the last email on masochism and flagelanism
and concoiousness and
The non sexual character of so
callled "leger" cloth
could also be of interest for
more or less dogmaic or oragnized christians.

To give anothe bobon for this gruop:
" All strates are chanting the glory of god"
is aslo a cite from "Mille plateaux".

Also the "numen", the highest inscribing
energy into memory, is attributed to be

There is an explanation of th child crusades
in the early middle ages
and the question, where the "power" of
the church steems from - without or
little military or econimcal force.

As Nietzsche put it: "The church,
a goverment the the spirit" - thatis is not so coarse.

Also Nietzsche:
"The ideal of the christian priest was not enough for me -
but you have to see what high ideal  this has been".
Niezsche was the son of ----- an evngelien priest.
Like Riemann, the mathematician.
Kirkegaard too.

greetings Harlad Wenk
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