[Deleuze-Guattari] Why is this list sabotated so much?

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Tue Sep 25 00:21:53 PDT 2007

o my gosh what truths are uttered unexpectedly!?
yes we agree.

On 9/6/07, jcu <jcu at execulink.com> wrote:
> Dear Dr. Wenk,
> "What interests us are the circumstances."
> D&G, ATP
> Why are artists drawn to D&G?
> And why to academics dislike artistic
> intervention in their discours?
> Nomos vs. logos, open vs. closed.
> When the rhizome grows a knot,
> sever it and let it regenerate. This
> list has been reincarnated, wiped
> clean, and now awaits new growth.
> The problem with the past is that
> artistic intervention has always been
> negatively motivated. D&G are not
> about destruction.
> "The modus operandi of nomad thought
> is affirmation, even when its apparent object
> is negative. Force is not to be confused with
> power. Force arrives from outside to break
> constraints and open new vistas. Power builds
> walls." D&G, ATP
> ... some thoughts.
> j

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