[Deleuze-Guattari] welkom au local

Harald Wenk hwenk at web.de
Mon Sep 24 14:16:45 PDT 2007

Hello Adeline??

You are back again in the semilocal?
You got the feeling of thinking and feeling somewhat global and
tking the local experiences as "Answers2 or connecting these
experibeces gives wrong concliusion and interpeationsa and experinces. 

This phanomen is iin my eys realte dto the full presenc of reality,
not so in slices and strates seoperate dfrom anottehr like issues anfd themes in
mongraphic books. 
Thsi is aals "the hecceticas of day:
Reading the newspaper, talking with your neighbouzr, cooking some tea, 
thinking on ontolgy,  trying to catcj your refexoin about you r local sadnes in general,
global notions.
And so it foo
goes local, global, infinte, history just  in monets
and from situation to situation.
If you are eating, starving childs in Africa
or the beiggibnning of agrculture in stoen age may come to your mind.
Or how the phsyical body functions as an oragnism. 
Eating is local, the thinkin g is almost totally
And - ?????

greetings Harald 

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> 2007/9/20, welcome in the local.
> because the local is opposed to schizophrenic experiences it is relief.
> it is when people in your community of expression are giving you a feedback
> that you can attribute to the local as opposed globally to the global to
> which no connection is perceived as such.(in the local the connections to
> the global are happily fading out)
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