[Deleuze-Guattari] het probleem van Brussel in Belgie

.+oot8am wakeup dr.crawboney at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 13:07:01 PDT 2007

Please refer to bablefish if you cannot read the orginal.
I think mister Van is not happy with using english here. it is a
general problem when discussing french writers via these translations,
english is such low bar. Perhaps there are other dutch folks whom he
can dialog with?

dearest HWenk,
your concern over intentional/accidental "sabatoge" converges upon the
absurd.  Whenever a mind has invented catagories of vertical value
there will always be a level of tresspass to watch for.  Even the most
foundational methods (re: webern/fechner laws) are rooted in a
subjective position and PROJECTing that positon onto analysis. The
idea that sabatog is increasing or decreasing on a daily basis is not
neutral position to hold. In fact it casts a colored light upon all
dialog, and not everybody appreciates this.  This is part of my
critique of "happyness", cutting through spinoza, as there is no
neurological operation from which can measure "happiness" on a
vertical scale. Instead it is an assemblege of various changing parts
on which a subjective happiness is applied, apriori of experience. So
likewise the sabatoge is applied to mr.vander's post so therefore the
pure-sabateur must have originated from HWenk himself!!  J'accuse!!
enjoy the sun,

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