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In de Quincy's visions, an ocean of Oriental faces relentlessly bombards the consciousness in tormenting waves.
  'For the moment, a flow is something, in a society, that flows from one pole to another, and that passes through a person, only to the degree that persons are interceptors.
  Poka potok -- eto chto-to, chto peretekaet v obshchestve ot odnogo poliusa k drugomu, prokhodit cherez cheloveka v toi merelish, vkotoroi liudi -- perekhvatchiki potokov.'
  (Deleuze, 16/11/1971)
   Psychosis and opium use compares to Osama bin Laden's appearance on television, which could be called a variation on the Putin regime's monopoly of mass media. 
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  Psychosis / Opium  2814999
  puissance debauche, pouvoir debauche, immanence debauche....
  'In Moscow, Yelena Tregubova was almost blown up by a small bomb planted outside her apartment building. Was it just hooliganism? She recently published an anti-Putin book, Tales of a Kremlin Digger. She was a member of the Kremlin press pool, but then saw the light and wrote a book about the inner life of the Kremlin that shows him in a highly unflattering light.'
  (Politkovskaya A, A Russian Diary: A Journalist's Final Account of Life, Corruption, and Death in Putin's Russia, NY: Random House, (2007) p. 73)
  ' Istoria -- eto voobshche predel'no lichnaia shtuka*. Sugubo individual'naia. Kollektivnym* voobshchie byvaet tol'ko psikoz.
  A history that's beyond the personal, one-of-a-kind*. Particularly individual. That can only be psychosis.'
  (Tregubova Y, Proshchanie kremlevskogo diggera [Tales of a Kremlin Digger])
  * The word, kollektivnym, does not require separate translation. The word, shtuka (personal, one-of-a-kind) is often not translated, either.
  And the storm drowned the voices
  Et l'orage couvrait la voix
  Of horses and bawling oxen.
  Des chevaux, des boeufs mugissants.

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