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interesting set of comments and otherwise discourse. merci

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> I like how Artaud explains, more as a possession. He talks about memes
> that travel around like virus/plagues. So there isn't so much "us
> having BWO" as "BWO having us."
> We live in a very self conscious world, and I "know" myself only to a
> certain point.  If I take the time to measure my feelings, I now can
> get to "know" this measurement better then that feeling that I feel.
> I can tell myself, "I am this measurement".  It is an oedipal
> situation when I read the happy-meter to know if I am happy yet, what
> has happened to my ability to feel w/o measurement?
> When we are around other people, naturally those people become our
> measurement. I can look into another's eyes and read their feelings
> about me, do I disappoint? do I flatter? do I spoil?  When we are
> around other people our identity has a basis in the fact that "I am a
> person just like them" and so this manner of measurement becomes part
> of a reciprocal system of identities that all relate, and they do. It
> is robust over time, since we mate and evolutionarily  there is a real
> genetic animal-brain that we all share and so it is not really oedipal
> when we measure like this.  It is real and not virtual.
> neurologically, our minds are broken into many parts forming an
> assemblege that is an identity, partly unique and partly not. Most of
> the parts of our mind do not change as we experience life. The growth
> of this part of the mind is mostly "done" before birth. So if you
> clone 1000 poodles even their complex minds will be mostly identical
> and are therefore useful data for experimentation.  However, the
> hypocampus is a small part, near the temple, above the ears, and this
> is unique because it grows new neurons for all our life - whether we
> want it or not. (Yes, the dali lama promotes mental-yoga as a way to
> do this, but he also says that drugs can do it too, really though
> practically ANYTIING will grow new neurons, so its beside the point.)
> It is believed that there is no neurogenesis anywhere else, except in
> the hypocampus. So when someone "changes their mind," the change is
> happening in only one particular part.
> When we talk of rhythms that affect us, or BWOs that possess us, the
> particular part of of "us" that is possessed is all the parts except
> the hypocampus. See , its a matter of perspective, that being, those
> parts of our identity that are genetically fixed, that do not change,
> is the "us" - the subject - the poodle passions.  Like AlGore says,
> when we act upon foolish fears, ie voting to capture saddam, it is the
> BWO memes in our hypocampus "possessing" our brain which controls our
> actions. They spred as a plague does.
> -cb
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