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There is the discussion of the 'wound' in _The Logic of Sense_. The sections on the 'crack up' I think will also be useful. 
Two interpretations of Deleuze's work on the event (wound as event) seems to be emerging. One that focuses on the 'wound' as 'pre-existing' the wounded, so the wouded was born to embody the wound (ie Badiou and Hallward's interpretation). The other where the focus is on the wound as the incorporeal effect of bodies or the passions of bodies (the interpretation of those that focus on affect). 


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Subject: [Deleuze-Guattari] The Wound (Deleuze)

In 'Immanence: A Life' Deleuze refers to Bousquet's wound and cites his work
'Les Capitales'. Can anyone tell me if this is available in English, please? If
not, does anyone know which translated works of Bousquet refer directly, and in
detail, to the wound.

Also, does anyone know where Deleuze expands on this idea of the wound, if he
does at all. Or if anyone else (say, poststructuralist) does.

Thanks in anticipation, Tina (Cultural Studies BA student)

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