[D-G] The Anti-Ordipe is so to say "Neurobiology" pur

.+oot8am wakeup dr.crawboney at gmail.com
Fri May 4 12:51:26 PDT 2007

I am not a neurobiologist but I live with 2 columbian neurobiologiests
who's casual theories help me run my audio-therapy clinic. This clinic
was set up to provide high-speed learning for people but for now it is
only working for dead mice clones. When I'm not travelling the globe,
helping stray dogs live peacefully w/o their masters, I help design
"bat-man" themeparks and my work in hollywood with cgi animation has
provided most of my capital. We certainly share a lot of interests but
there are many areas where we often disagree, mostly along parallel
horizons and between those horizons is a vast & exciting arena.

I am intrigued by what you discover on the inside of the body, and
inside the window eyes of the child, but for the most part I am
interested in what is happening from the outside. One of the most
profound things I have ever read in my life is your sentence which I
will paraphrase as "people have a right to know how to be happy." here
is an example of a parallel horizon we share.

Most importantly there is filip's question, and this crosses my mind
very directly where I have been stuck dealing with it now for several
months. (I am still upset that pinhas has removed those lurid comments
that spawned this issue for me!!) That is,  I cannot find a reason to
accept that differentiation along the sadness/joy axis that is
particular to spinoza's ethics. I read it as rhetoric, yet I have
tried to see it differently. Even when i read Deleuze I am only seeing
his descriptions as an attempt to reveal it as rhetoric. To explain:
it seems clear to me that both sadness/joy are responses to external
bodies. Here is where the hierarchy in question is setup. To choose
joy from those responses does nothing but support that hierarchy;
furthermore the joyous anemnesis locks the individual into that very
hegemony regardless of the illusionary power gained, the joyous are
bound by their own "false consciousness" (re: tripple illusion). To
say there is only "action" from joy, seems polemical. This is the
prescriptive/projective version of psychiatry that can only see in a
pre-al-hazan fashion (ie it is inverted vision). I cannot ignore the
supreme movement of "ubergrief", an emotional response which is in
direct opposition to those external bodies who impose their hierachy
via this horizon.

When I read lacan or zizak, they fall flat, right here at this
location. it is marked by an "x", dying like a jesus from
non-mobility. this is a flat axis w/o fiat, composed of
one-dimensional points, correlating precisely to the marxist axis of
power, (vertical hierarchy)
* (horizontal hegemony). To speak of "eternal return" is to affirm
this axis of imaginary perspective.  the lines meet only in the
imagination as representations of lines that extend in parallel.


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