[D-G] Deleuze, electronic music and Deleuzian theory of body

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Hello Dr. Crawboney,

Are you sure in apperceating psychedelic drugs?

The "Rwo question on drugs" by Deleuze ids from a reader, wher also Guattari
contributes: " ou il est question de toxiconomanie"
Chatelet, Deleuze, Guattari, Ingold, Musard, Olivenstein- Alencon 1978.
It looks more drug critical.

"How to make a body without organs" with the quote to Casteaneda is from

As everyone knows, the "agencement" about drugs
is legion: prioson, social workes, broken biographies,
family problems, partner problems, economical problems,
paedagogical problems, adddiction problems, psychic problems ...

As I pointed out very often in this list, man has in my eyes
something like a right to know how to get happy and satisfied.
Especially, when he is confronted with inner and outer problems
he is not very well informed or skilled to manage them, like phasis of high
intensities or psychic crisis.
And here yoga helps. It helps even sophisticated intellectuals without
changing their opinions or
thinking in any significant way by practicing exercices.
"Do not eat to much and do some gymnastiics, otherwies you get fat".
Everyone know this.
So everyone knows, that yoga practices will help him to get more stabilty
and  better concentration
and more peace of mind.
It is probable to get the intensities promised by drugs or help to solve
psychic problems much more with yoga erxercisis
than with drugs.
It will help even when things get a little bit worse.
But you have to practice. Not to believe, not to have an opinion or an
to practice.
And a lot of people know not really. They find something that makes them
come around practicing.
But, especially when people are young, there are a lot of dangers
which kick you out of university careers for example or other possibilities
and make your relationsships much more difficult than necessary - by
addiction to drugs.

And - it is not necessary to make erranous telepathic
attemps from Santa Fe to Germany concerning my thoughts or will or purposes
in this list, for I declare them very clear.

greetings Harld Wenk

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I am noticing that hwenk is having more difficulty then other readers
regarding psychedelics. This difficulty comes in part from hwenk's
view of the self through this yogic lens that he chooses. The very
fact that  hwenk is looking outside himself for confirmation of his
yogic revelation should indicate to him the very limits of yogic
illumination. A solipsistic p.o.v. often has this difficulty of
personal affirmation and really needs to seek social approval, as
hwenk has demonstrated again and again by injecting list discussions
with his "yogic revelations." !

About psychedelics, I believe hwnk is making unnecessary distinctions
and that is why it has become apparent that the body alone is itself
capable of such experiences. Read more of Deleuze on Spinoza for these
answers. Drugs which are external are taken in various ways and will
become internal; the experience is always internal. Even ketamin,
which forces such bizarre external affects (spinning, twisting worlds)
are all internal and these psychedelics demonstrate our limnited
singular perceptions. (Re: Kant,etc)

the territorialization of time which pinhas and deleuze discuss appply
to drug experiences very nicely. At once the body's own chronos
becomes injected with those territories of the drugs. The combination
is very much like a musical operation where new harmonies are borne
from the slightest provokation. the user's body is taken for a ride
precisely because the drugs have territorized it. These happen to be
chemical operations but the body's chronos can be territorized by many
other methods and music seems to be the subject. Beyond that it would
be helpfult to divide this "drug" catagory into more useful parts,
there are synthetic drugs which will bind the user to certain modes of
production (c.i.a. meth labs) and there are organic drugs which will
bind the user to entirely different apects of reality. A user addicted
to a naturally growing weed like cheeba puts themselves within that
particular chronos and I do not see any motive for critizism here.

I have a close friend who walks his dog 3 times a day. I 've come to
realize that his relationship with his dog is such that he will ignore
his own chronos and assume the chronos of his dog. He will even ask me
to ignore my chronos and ask me to become part of the dog's chronos.
If his chonos is late for an appointment BUT his dog's butt needs to
poop, it is amazing to see how he allows his chonos to be
territorizized by his dog's butt so that in a matter of moments he
will be out the door walking his dog EVEN though he is late for his
appointment. Is there any reason to talk about this as an addiction to
another chonos?

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