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Fri Jun 29 14:03:24 PDT 2007

the 1..2...3.. or even 4.. 5.... etc, in this case I'm not describing
territorialized time(chronos) They are yet not part of a seq but just
sets of neuro-machinery. they are the elements of a whole machine
which is comprised of parts that can re-combine like (3!) 3x2x1=6,
where 6 is all the virtual oedipal possibilities. (nothing in the head
is mechanistic really so these are only systemic suggestions still
before moving forward into chonological territory)

I am aware of a few "narrative" interpretations of "Dont Eat theFruit"
but they are all limited by signage, choosing a meaningful allegory.
All of that is "higher-up" psychology and not biological. Given the
time and place of this narrative (9000bc?), you are probably correct,
and I can see perhaps the message reflects that transition towards
totalitarian agriculture and the worries of people who oppose that
transition away from their stable permaculture. (still an issue today
as we face ecological meltdown) But as a pure narrative the symbolism
is not necessarily part of its basic function.  There is a more
fundamental impression, that of patterns/pulses discussed by pinhas
and deleuze, which seizes our biology to create territory with which
those symbols can later associate.  Its not just for music, but in any
"forms" (particularly I'm thinking about those described in
aristotle's poetics and in the commedia)  where the rhythm of these
narrative patterns seizes our attention.  So your concern about the
brain "already functioning" is totally valid and since that is the
more complicated scheme, I wanted to deal with a "blank" example
before attempting to describe one that involves a chronos, ei before &
after. But its the same thing really. Say with our scheme of 3 (dont,
eat, thefruit), you see any pattern of elements will combine with an
"already functioning" neurology, its just to trace those combinations
one would have to determine the internal pulse which interpret the
incoming peel. So Dante can set up an elaborate narrative form that
"readies" the italian reader for his christian message that he can
deliver faithfully encapsulated inside the "already" formed neurology,
like a primer coat before actual color paint is applied. This is like
those tv adverts that chime in at opportune moments of a Jamesbond

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