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Hello Harald

I have tremendous difficulty into getting what things do you say in your
message. Maybe you could be cleared, less "synthetic"?
It seems you are overwelmed yourself into the debate around between Science
Theory (pure science
actors and human sciences debate) and assume we should or should not get
involved. You could be right.
I am not at the moment in this situation, so I cannot offer contrepoint to
what you said. I will study "Science in action" by Latour next year
at the moment my course of study goes elsewhere.

I have finished reading "French Theory" I will try to make a reading of some
points covered by Francois Cusset.

This list DG List is "surveyed" covered, by the author.(one or two pages) He
says for example that we have here a difficulty, or that we have severed
the list from political struggle which received French Theory (Derrida,
Foucault Baudrillard and Deleuze and Guattari Kristeva etc) when it landed
in UStates uni campus, and in the rest of the "intellectual networks" and
activists humanoids over on the planet.
It seems from reading this special chapter dedicated to this list, that the
list started in 1993 and was bound to a theory of conjonction of
desubjectifying bodies opening on with "a Body of the Internet".
The book otherwise is critisizing the Universalist spirit of France (big
concepts said Deleuze in 1977 return with the "Nouveaux Philosophes" ),
where the "Fr'ench Theory" authors have been muted in universities. To me
the book which is wide covering the range of intellectuals who received ,
misused, passed along French Theory, like Judith Butler, Edward Said Gayatri
Spivack, etc, in a way that i didn't know by my relation to this present
list. It makes me hint to evaluate also the relevance of Clifford's work in
a way to French Theory events that I had not done at all before. There are
other paths opening in the book like Agamben theory of the aliquid
singularities, or the french collective Tikkun 2, about the way the politics
of difference have been recaptured by the Biopower now in a way that some
may want to  study if their essays are available somewhere. The conclusion
changes the tone of somwhat neutral surveying of the wideness of
intellectuality, into a kind of performative in the brain, sympathy
specially with Foucault and DeleuzeGuattari. Oscar Spengler is mentioned as
a precursor of metissage between cultures, like when Natives of Mexico
mingled in the Renaissance paintings traces of Italian painting and even
Ovides Metamorphose with autochtonous art they have painted in the houses of
their masters colonizators. An other great poet/theorist that I discovered
recently is Edward Glissant who wrote recently a book "L Identite Francaise
Hors la Loi" and talked cosmic metissage that I wish we can discuss on the
list for instance. I have been student of Stengers, she has a vision of What
is Philosophy? which you can find on herwebsite in english. Look Geco,
atelier constructivist. I sense that you are disagreeing with her vision, or
is this assumption. I am not sure clearely to know what her vision can be.
She experiments with thought a lot. I have a friend who reads Melville and
with whom I will talk about other "schizophrenic voices" and French Theory (
the book i read was lend by him) There is more in this book like building
bridges between Marxist German theorists and French Theory. I am somewhat
incompetent but would be glad if others would read this book, which i cannot
impose, but it has probably been translated since 2003 the newspaper The
Times gives a review of it on the back of the said Book. Goodbye!

Adline V;

2007/12/5, hwenk <hwenk at web.de>:
> Hello Adline,
> I am very pleased to get some "sign" of the sort of index
> of existence from you - provided it is not from the "virtual" of
> some masked, one or two times, other guy or woman.
> I  am reading the "users guide" of Massumi and am very pleaesed.
> All in all it emphasises the "chemical" background of
> good old substabce metaphysics, with alot of substances -. nozthing else
> tahn our chemical and mechanical produced materials.
> This si in a way some sort of "stratic" friction.
> You must know zhatt noramlly in matheamticas and in mathematical physics
> things are
> brought to the variation of one or at most tweo quantities
> like energy and entropy, as fast as possible.
> Ther has been also some kind of mistrust among physicians, seeing only
> algebriuc compations
> of some more or loss arbitrary functions insread some
> real physics or chemistry.
> In Biolog<y a noraml student hardly gets to know what aplat or an aniulmal
> is,
> he gets very< quick bichenical genetic codes.
> Here Massumi brinfgs some trust back to expereivce of wood for example,
> wood as "substance" is some real expereince
> difference which does not vaniosh if you make an
> mathematicl or mathematical-physical-chemical analysis
> of energy bounds and material constanst and the merging process.
> That is some sort of bringing back "philophia perennis" on the greound
> of correctness
> of also everday experince and the logical derivatikons from it.
> In my eyes ist asis also very scintific, as sicience is also bound
> to make everday experinece deeper and more understandable,
> using calculations and other abstract "models", bit not on order to
> get lost in a very atrtifical wordlld of symbolic thinking with
> very unobvious connectiosn to everyday experience.
> Thsi also aplies to the"neurological" handlinmg of
> psyhic matterh ans subjectivation by Deleuze and Guattari.
> The chemical discussion is strongly related to Progorine and Isaberlle
> Stengers,  coming from
> far from equilibrium thermodynomics , entropy,
> Leibnir and Lucrez (Stengers from 1997). It is very fruitful and I like it
> very much.
> I read the nobel prize lecture of Progorine in the Internet.
> He is from Belgium, from your country.
> As you may know, there is another author,
> Edgar Morin, who plays agrat role in a coherent scientific
> world view, he is very often used in systenm theory exponents.
> It is almost incredible, what can be done with these two "notions",
> entropy
> and energy
> and the mathematics, from toplogy to differential geometry, dynamical
> systems ...
> Some peole in humanities seem not to have grasped what
> an explosion of creativity, freedom intellectual advancements
> technology, including matheamtics and physics has brought about.
> This has been strongly emphasized by Whitehead.
> In former times, soemthing like the danger
> of some difficukties with the climate could not even be
> posed on any empirical grounds.
> You certainly know, that the ecological debate and
> thimking is ver advanced here in germany.
> In Germay, Guattari had been in the "Bundestag", our parliament,  with
> probality 1,
> means very sure.
> An intellectual giant like him had been also very probable come into
> governemnrt for the green party here.
> You know that the "May 68" Cohn-Bendit actually is in the European
> Parliament
> for the geraman green party.
> So, I hope you feel fine,
> greetings to Bruexells
> and perhaps Iwe got an emaol with Bisixfours,
> making signs reliable.
> greetings Harald Wenk
> .......
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> has the book by queer theorist Francois Cusset "French Theory" been at
> all translated?  how has it been recieved in your country? do you know
> that both mAssumi and stIevale cHarles appear within it. otherwise
> groundbreak discussed bruno latour and isabelle stengers engage
> themselve in a debate on rationality in scientific environment. to
> answer positively to this enlightening revival wind on the list i
> propose to discuss the accuracy with which alliance can be here
> constructed with contemporaneous thinkers of french theory.adline
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