[D-G] Deleuze, electronic music and Deleuzian theory of body

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Tue Apr 3 23:34:26 PDT 2007


I confess to know nothing of death drives. I have read about them and
think they are strange explainations for phenomena that can be
explained clearly without resorting to them.... tho I am intrigued by
your comments about the whistling of children in fear. 

Without thnking toomuch I'd look for some scaleable relationships. especially b/c the Body is without organs I tend to see BwO as a scalable type. It is important that DyG present the BwO against the megamachine; and territorialization of human psychology can be cruel and self-destructive like some "Lucifer Effect" described by Zimbardo's Stanford Univ.prison experiments. (listen to Zimbardo interview at DemocracyNow.Org)

the destructive effects are so additive/recursive and are so connected to language and the passions which languaage describe mentally. it escalates often in perverse negative narrative of emotional roll-playing, completely organic and separate from those hazzards presented by the megamachine. Indeed the megamachine is born from this and that already is. So there is allways biopower reflecting zoepower to some degree. Now I believe the destructive aspects of the BwO are concentrated by the megamachine and all psychology can do is help systematized real experience as territory. But if you want to look at the BwO perhaps its materialist aspects are best, which is the brain, the neurology, can it provide literal reference?

The aging-process and the brain is probably the biggest territory in institutional neurbiology. Howard Hughs and his crackpot schemes to live forever are really the 1940's origin of America's over-funded & yet high ranking neurology technology industry. Becoming conscious of how our minds fall apart is such an anti-hinduistic vision but it seems a valid one ever since history has slipped through the looking glass of ww2. even the historical myths are literal validations of these processes. I dont intend to refer to a some bicameral breakdown here, but there is a clear hydraulic quality to how the mind sees itself, mythologizes itself as consciousness, whether it be a consciousness that seeks procreation, survival, or suicide.


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