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overcoming vulgata

in an effort to leave that  polemical plateau where children become
the subject of racial analysis let me throw wenk another fishng
line.... so that the real sharks can feed on the zombified brains of
boys and girls who have not bothered to learn their grandmother's
tongue. We have 6,000 spoken languages on our planet, mostly
equatorial. One becomes extinct every 2 weeks... but, lemme get backto
 my point, distractions.

here is a review of a new book on spinoza and political theory:

brockman's edge.org, and indeed most of brockman's efforts for the
last 30 years are extremely interesting and truely problematic. (his
wiki-bio also reveals a unique perspective on the 60's
anti-counter-culture and how because of him it has grown into today's
consumer crazy  "Wired Magazine" lifestyle-technologies, similar to
the tel quel trajectory from foucault.) With the unwitting help of
some of the biggest names in the science community (dawkins minski,
dennet etc...) he has fashioned an almost believable notion of a
"third culture" that presses onwards, blindly, yet with the blessing
of an imaginary clear conscious. I don't really understand it myself,
but, in this review of goldstein's spinoza book it can be seen that
the limits of reason are at once tied to the inverse limits of ethics
- does goldstein (et brockman, etc), do they,  actually summon the
anti-spinoza, or can spinoza really be credited for fashioning this
so-called "ethics of ignorance", an ethics which has gone on to assist
the lockean project which limits perception to the vocabulary of
reason, a childish digital-vocabulary, cute and harmless and under-
developed, a vocabulary of "digital choices" vs "physical spectrum",
it becomes oedipal and as such it is guided by some bizarre parental
equatorial narrative.??? does this not undermine the very (in)tention
of reason, or can reason, like a voodoo ("to overcome racialist
ideology" via spain 1492), provide that unique mechanical form that
allows the BwO to flow beyond its own (de)tentional zones ?? It sounds
like a silly game to lure faith under a rock and away from the living

note, see wiki entry on "oriental despotism" for more about equetorial
racist ideology from ancient greece...

also note, I have updated the wiki entry for "wooden iron" in there is
a discussion forum where our differences can be battled out, a'la
mech-warriors who cannot "die" because they are not living.

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