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good luck in your various projects. busy . etc.

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excuse the personal tone of this email, its i have no otherly choice to
Salut Clifford, howar'ya? incredible i see you write a line to me, what
goodness in my blood such good affects flatered my sound ego that you
speaketh to me so yesterday or today.! i you know do not blog often for
i trip
much about doing the cinema of the fastly junk. notefully i've been
received in a school of 3d and visual effect much the style TV
commercial, in Vancouver..
I wish to drop in your city and huggle again with you and that would be
not boredom for you; if we meet, at a moment, in canada. i long for
spreadoverdiscussion hovering on Blake & and the others Deleuze did not
speaketh me about. it's all what we don't know in France. so i know we
can have a topic.
in New York last year i tried to read Confident Men but lingered the
vocabulary is difficult for my translationsw; .//**\\. conclusion:I am
capable to speak proabbly let's write me (i give you the address):
marian.zazeela at gmail.com and could send you the script i did today for
in the year to pass in Vancouver. you need to know Montreal did not want
me, they said i was not industrial enough (my portfolio failure), do you
go sometimes to Vancouver??, but you stay sur place je crois d'après un
mot de ton blog . j'aime bien tes blogues écris j'aimerais un livre des
aventures de Moona. bissoux de Fifi 

adline vanlindenbergh
bisouxnoursfast at fastmail.fm

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