[D-G] observations

NZ pretzelworld at gmail.com
Sat May 20 20:03:23 PDT 2006

android lesbian mother #5:
mind/body = 0/1
, 1/2...
,freud = (going to 3),
lacan = (going on 4)
xeno's paradox =  sophic paradox

keeping count of neg. values w/in hydraulic emotional space
binary generations of ontological mirrors,
or much like spinoza's lens
finally splitting rouseau vs hobbes over machiavelli...

a)recognize the fechner/law-of-big numbers aspect point  of a virual moment.
b)continue capoeira as practice for laws of animated violence from
body to social body.
c)defend the golden horn of 1004!!! and squash the black death!!!!
d)outline debord = helmholtze specticle (via spinoza's lens)

android ghandi wheel #5:
non-violent hinduist social body?

read the entertaining wiki discussion page on this yoga school:
at least no one mentions narcotics trafficing
then there is the discussion on natural law
for mirror effects and santasangre:
(sorry 'bout all these links, cuz i know the uni-folk don't like
dis shit, wtf!)

haiku android #5:
road = word
"ria regia"

der, ie, das rhebus

android scholar #5:
pre-DyG concept of rhizome;
Hopcke view  as a plant (flowers = consciousness, roots = unconsc.)

sneezy android #5:
lunchtime at the water-cooler like any other day
stuffy buffalo gossip, talk of the next hunt
some grunting sounds, name droppings
keirk! -a-gaaaaaard....(like an animal's sneeze)
just like that.

(I cannot wait to go to samos and swim in the atoms of the night!!)

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