[D-G] observations

NZ pretzelworld at gmail.com
Tue May 16 10:15:31 PDT 2006

the idea of philosophy becoming like a cure or "fix" like a medical
solution is very much the heart of the issue. to escape neitsche and
wittegenstein's violent logos-machine means escaping the cure. why is
there a cure? what is the problem/crisis?

pv's concept of the "integral accident" is very much on point however,
pv does very little to "magnatize" his readers and point them in a
direction of comprehension. the direction of agenda must be be
pre-figured in the observer so that all the similies and allusions can
make sense as an agenda, the retarded agenda.

after the "accident" communication is at once possible, b/c before the
accident there was no understanding..... thus the accident. so when it
becomes diffucult to use words to "know".. at least after the crisis
we can rely on words to know. so this retarded-tempo begins here at
the crisis, where the intelligent discussion can admit that it is not
known. only after this point can the the terms be sucessfully
equivocated and the narrow logos of particular mean can gain a
trans-valued meaning. (since the absolute cannot be acknowledged at
least the meta-meaning can be established that will erase the

pv's "accident" is a devisive tactic that effectively resets the
valuation of meaning agaist that "unknown" which causes the accident.
on page 65-67 in A-Oed. DyG talk about the infinite cure and how this
"eternal recurrance" feeds the capitalist machine.

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