[D-G] the abuse of our own unknown along the grassy plane

NZ pretzelworld at gmail.com
Tue May 9 22:53:25 PDT 2006

angry android chorus#1:
lunchtime at the water-cooler like any other day
stuffy buffalo gossip, talk of the next hunt
some grunting sounds, name droppings
keirk! -a-gaaaaaard....(like an animal's sneeze)
just like that.

+ 0 - 0 + 0 - 0 + 0 -

for virgil, philosophy answered the questions that the study of
medicine & astronomy & rhetoric could not, eventually provididing the
glue to unite them in form of narrative poetry, mythmaking 9019! I
dont think philosophy is much different today and if virgil had
studied math instead of medicine & dance instead of astronomy he very
well could have grown up to become a 3d animator for lucusarts writing
physical simulation plugins for pre-teen homosexual androids who
worship the deadly Polyvenyl Chloride in their mickymouse popsickles.
it is not so unlikely for scopophiliac exhibitionist to let their
participle dangle in the wind, simultaneously as they gaze.....w-a.i-
t - i nnnn-. gg. .g . . . . ...(A:sneeze! Q:godbless!) ...  for little
mermaids... ahh...

the retarded sophic paradox prudishly asks "What is Happening at the
same time?" Russell didn't know and Whitehead was so confused that he
backed himself into corner of cambridge square. . . .  but gravity... 
the dangling participle(poor fellow!), as a gramatical construct and
simile, that effectivly corresponds to the deductive-nomological
method that plagued whitehead tremendously, is ultimately comedic - in
a sexy-sped benny hill kinda way...
so j oy!

the named-need for consistancy in a system allows the megamachine to
become absurd in poetry. (sorry, there's no time to answer the
sophic's question whether its absurdly tragic or comedic, no pleasure
principle even....only  l-o-g... o.. s.sss...) So Einstein can outrun
Mach (poor guy!), Virgil can become the first christian, and the N-D
participle still dangles.
(please note: you know you can just "flip the bits", ie create binaries, right?
that was what y2k was all about, just skim a computer science textbook
to know this)

android benny hill#3:
Did you hear about the brain neuron that has been designated as the
"Halle Berry" neuron? forgiving any corollary causes (of course!),
this single neuron activates when the testeese recognize images of
"mz.berryz" at any  angle... frontview, side, above, below, w/
caustics, & alphas,  in and out of the catwoman suit, and these such
catagories.... I am constantly amazed how well science responds to
philosophic motivation, the shear "witchery" of such injectables as
botox(as "truth") and oxytocin(as "pathos")....
recreational indeed....
like Neitsche's children playing in the grass
playing.... in/out... sex...  re-creating, eternal-recreating
or are they the grass itself, a population.
they're on the web
they're on the internet
they're at sporting events
"what,  smoking's bad for you?"

1957 is not even just a number

D: there is a tennis player who has no balls
no net, no court, no clothes
N: naked perchance, but how can he be seen?
D: & also he has no arms, no eyes, & no blood...
N: how can he be helped? or is he dead already?
but what is death...?
D: he is alive.
N: ....or should he be eaten alive?
D: also he has no playmate, no clue and no body
and he is not a tennis player.

"why pretend to be alone?
when only a schizophrenic could be affraid
of what they cannot imagine."
- haacula, 1999

more for a growing list...
some more questions:

"how come there is an audience that can watch"?
history, like some unprotected buffalo herding by the water
amongst their own droppings, but not noticing
or listen,
how come there is perception along the "grassy plane"?

(including unanswered violence, what is it?)
José Gil?
portugese redistribution of wealth in 1975?
"Modus Tollens"?
Peter Sloterdijk?
Bruce Nauman?
Bob Morris?
Mathilde Monnier (french choreographer)?
Jean-Luc Nancy?
St Thomas?
Kant ?
(and the sophic paradox vs. deductive-nomologicalism?)
christian propaganda hidden by philosophic rhetoric?
bacon's spiders?

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