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Dr Jamie Brassett j.brassett at csm.arts.ac.uk
Wed May 3 02:12:54 PDT 2006

Has anyone else--as well as André, Lesley & Julia--noticed anything 
about this list over the last month? If you like to use & re-use D-G 
vocabulary, it seems to have been "territorialized."

Is there any chance this little "deleuze and benjamin on violence" 
battle can rage in another level, one more personal to the 
protagonists? Just a thought...

I came back to this list after about six or seven years away, wondering 
what I'd been missing in current D+G thinking: all these years 
wondering about design have left me needing some philosophical 
injections. But, I must say, I'm disappointed.

I keep half-remembering passages from Bachelard, from his Poetics of 
Space I think, wherein he bemoans philosophers' tendencies to condemn 
themselves to "living only on the ground floor" & not having 
imagination enough to wander through "the word house." Also, under the 
pretexts of teaching (or, we could add, being taught) "shut themselves 
up in the system of their choice" if only to make for an easier 
life...(I'm quoting from memory here, so don't shoot me). Linked to 
this I keep hearing, like an ear-worm (the German's call it; the 
phrase, or piece of musics that sticks in your mind, unable to be 
dislodged), a line from Wordsworth's Ode on the Intimations of 
Immortality I think, where "shades of the prison house have closed 
around the growing boy." (From memory again....)

Has D+G thinking really become a system? with it's proper vocabulary & 
references? it's attitudes & observences? scrubbing about on a ground 
floor, dusty with over-use &, frankly, dull. I always liked it when it 
was a dance, with flourishes & improvisations, to be sampled & 
followed, or drifted away from & dissolved....

Maybe I'll just find a new corner to thrash about in...



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