[D-G] arendt and benjamin on violence

Gondo -Minnie gondominnie at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Mar 6 23:14:32 PST 2006

If thinking — the two-in-one of the soundless dialogue — actualizes the difference within our identity as given in consciousness and thereby results in conscience as its by-product, then judging, the by-product of the liberating effect of thinking, realizes thinking, makes it manifest in the world of appearances, where I am never alone and always too busy to be able to think. 
  comments by gondo:
  then what i note is important it is thus: the " realization of thinking " here, the esthetical judgment a a redoublement transpiercing appearance world-event enabled by the difference within our identity.
  note that the difference in our identity reduces the dubble fold and a judgment, even esthetical, lacks always a new identity differencing it

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