[D-G] a close words to Nz and Jussi

NZ pretzelworld at gmail.com
Fri Jun 16 15:08:34 PDT 2006

i think your advice is very correct, the oxygen is important, but also
dont forget the sugars and salts (this is brain food and it can be
found in things like candybars, soda and prosessed carboydrates... yes
"junk" food is pure brain food of a basic order which is why it can be
so addictive to people, especially twinkies) but remember brain food
is not body food.

I am imagining that when you say "help" this is refering to someone
particular but I do not know who you are pointing at. I could think
that you are pointing at me but then I should let you know that I am
not asking for help. I am a very satisfied person (just returned from
a wonderful tour of the agean sea) and so the confusing words that I
write are not a symptom of my own inner problem but rather I am
re-iterating a confusion that I percieve outside myself in the
body-philosophy. do you understand also? I am a "doctor" also... in
this way I can see your discussion on "help" more of a third person
statement, the way two doctors can together talk about the way they
help (as opposed to one doctor helping the other, yet as a discussion
this will occur also b/c we are intelligently talking)
I feel strange about the rats that are jumping ship, I think they are
affraid of the violence of language. they are unable to talk, they
just grumble and disapear. I would like to say that they have "checked
out" - I wish I could bill them and fund a second summer vacation.
this fear of language I believe really stems from an inate social
domestication that teaches regular people to reject their "own voice"
and instead look outside for a voice that they can honastly adopt
(like a pet philosophy t-shirt slogan) - it makes it hard to really
talk when I am put into a position of broadcasting all the time. why
do you think people are allways looking for a readable narrative to
follow all the time (this is for politics not intelligent discussion).
I think people like jamie and harris perhaps suffer from "browsing
syndrome" where they expect to just browse through a situation, this
is a very common attitude in nyc where the social sphere is often
reduced to "browsing the aisles of a supermarket"... I certainly hope
that more of the intellctual spectrum does not get reterritorialized
by this kind of mentality...

also you talk much about meditation and DyG, but I do not see any such
talk in DyG. I also am straining to see what you see when you say DyG
are developing a "scientific approach", from what I can tell there is
no scientific approach to DyG's writing (also why SHOULD there be one,
why do you see one?), but I admit that I make little effort to believe
in their psychology, it seems almost secondary, so I just try to
forget about this aspect, I would like to know what I am missing.

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