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hello, turkey is nice but samos is not there... (frowns at the
apparent division)
I do not like this conclusion but it will have to do for now...

so stuck at 2


the nomatic android lesbian poet reads this:

"in the dreams i made at this
time, every uncertainty, every blank dots scurriing of the
faith was punished by a destruction of my essence. it is like a closed
circuit in which i was downcasted.
everytime i sleep in the night
i find a shallow morning, always more or less shadows scattered
completely helping me float under moonlight, full of breath
the five of us hook our hands and look up
out beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing
there is a field. I'll meet you there
when the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about
ideas, language, even the phrase  each other
doesn't make any sense."
Poetry in motion on the B subway train going to Manhattan this morning
featured Jelauddin Rumi (1207-1273) really great source for describing
the power of connotive language values, the ciruit hinges upon a
proper reading choosing whether to oedipalize or not
often a innocent belief in a god (mono, dual, trinity even) can can
create a lapse into solipsism (400bc) fourthly it is mystical shit
like a disney-totemism

the "god" unconscious-unselfaware solipsism is like being in a
commedia scenario and not knowing what role to play except for the one
that is given to you... like a penguin told to fly... ... auf
deutsche: der hasen vs die carnichel.... also like the mormen lds
church collects taxes and names for cola-heaven there is a kept
identity directly connected to the external materialistic concerns of
the church-body. so when the church-body disapeers and the
lifestyle-body is assumed/presumed/prescribed, the  "soul lies down in
the grass" (re: rumi) we begin to live oedipalized by the immanent
narrative of our own solipsism (re: bacon's spider vs bee) fifthly, it
is important to keep count of these mental generational levels
othewise we become uncoun(t)sciouse of them (mostly we already are but
we recollect bits and pieces and learn rotely or freely experience new
ones too) this is how derrida can talk so much about nietsche's
umbrella and becoming aware of scrambling the direrections is
continued by habermas' project too... but all in all it must be
reminded like in the shadow of poetry/art as DyG suggest at the end of
"What is Philosophy?" (the detentional problem is putting it second as
the shadow...)

so things go in an order... after "g" comes "o" after it comes "d". to
understand the multi-dimetional meaning behind the linear text we
agree to be like bacon's spiders in the order we choose to follow g...
o.. d...  = d.. o..g... (it is a funny little rhebus-joke that oedipus
cannot laff at). so the order is important 1... 2... and 3... so freud
offers us #3, the totemized disney lifestyle-body narrative. if you
choose a christian god system like mohammad (630ad) or rumi you are
choosing to go to 3 also (hopefully its a conscious choice), back in
1600s the jewish spinoza could not oedipalize unconsciously so he must
convert from 2 t0 3, it is like mathematical conversion because of a
lack of imagination that you see going from 2.. to 3 a la xeno) of
course a lifestyle-body at 3 is not so different from a lifestyle-body
at the jewish 2... its just the language rhebus that is differently
coded, same messages but different codes...re: apple vs ibm... all
kinds of religous nutshells argue about what code conversion will
reveal the greatest god of infinate form (or which game render engine
is fastest) but its all just semantical bullux if you don't know what
the material valuated terms begin at.... (yes dialectical-materialism)
and as example the circuits formed by poetry, music, art and beauty
remind us of those terms... truely the power of 1st choosing what
circuits to actiavate and 2nd becoming conscious of the results (it is
not just one-I-eye node but two-eyed in-out node)... (and this is how
bergson's mono-universe often gets divided)

developing the funny pun on skinner's body odor, DyG talk about BwO so
as to show some of these circuits in everyday lifestyle and
social-molding, family oedipalizing etc ultimately convinced of a
bergson's 1 as opposed to platonic 2meta or freudian
/chistian/capitalist 3... the topology of god is a pataphysical
undertaking yet even this artistic zone has be reterritorialized and
played out as post-modern irony, but it is not irony, it is a lack of
common vocabulary because of a history of violent alienation...(yes
dialectical materialsim again)

divine-violence from a god that does not communicate with you cannot
be love. the idea of "loving a god" that doen't love you back... this
is not love... this is not even ironic love or unrequited... or
"stalking" or "fucking"....  this is just the wrong vocabulary.... the
communication with this god is not communication at all or "love",
(giving circuit-money to a church) it is one-way broadcasting, like a
spider-farmer sewing seeds (re: Color tv in 342bc), isn't it? (but
notice that the "i" is the immanant plane itself not the broadcaster
along the plane, like rumi above "lies down in the grass") sure the
grass needs the farmer to feed it and the grass loves the farmer but
that part occurs only after the 3rd level of solispsism and anyway the
vocabulary of the word-road is not prepared to communicate such a
distinction unless the subject has resolved the "and-i" vs "nor-i"
crisis. then the shared language structure can be erected and
interpersonal communication is made positive. unfortunatle the (and-i)
vs (nor-i) is too often resolved by coded perceptions like punk rock
disco fashions and rave-cheerleaders capitalist reptilean hierarchies
that easily monopolize the grassy plateau keeping "grass roots" always
at the bottom and "counter culture" always on top of the counter next
to the register. careful not slipping, sliding on and off and
maintaining a balance w/o selling out and w/o selling short, for the
second class citizen, the point is like a silver pointy-point, so
sharp at a point that it cannot be seen but it is there when it

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