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NZ pretzelworld at gmail.com
Thu Jul 27 12:06:41 PDT 2006

there is a vague sort of "missing" going on here... and it is ok. In
the previous posts you have missed adeline's attempt at commitment to
effect the external world of the tramway and instead have pushed
deeper into the body looking to make your point about yoga. then you
wonder about the buffalo as if this is some irony. well it is, I am
glad you found a line from A-O about yoga, but one has to wonder what
the other 250 pages are about, certainly they go beyond yoga. I think
the vet, Crawdaddy, has made a very clear point that could easily been
missed which is that yoga (alone) cannot possibly help a person's roll
in Our rhyzome community. .. or even the terrible rhyzomatic
differances that we are all subjected to. maybe some of us have easier
lives then other's so maybe the internal dilemmas that yoga can effect
are the only dilemmas that need to be addressed. others of us must
face the external world 99.9% of the time and it is that spectrum of
reality that is problematic.

after yoga there is more.... how can adline do this yoga on the
tramway? Our brains are jelly, if we find nirvan during a yoga
experience, no doubt that in an hour later we have lost touch with
this expereince. The satori or a zen mentality is what adline is
asking about, is it okay, does it help? probably it would be just as
effective if one were doing the deadly art of capoeira on the tramway
car. I saw a man doing tai-chi on the subway and it was very odd. he
made people move out of his way and feel uncomfortable, it was funny
to see an ordinary looking gentleman completely ignoring all the
cramped people around him so that he could practice his kicking
excerzizes. some tourists were clapping.

Just this Monday, The vet, Dr.Crawbuddy, has asked me to read "On
Music" which is a conversation between deleuze and pinhas about "going
from 1-to-2" & Chronos vs. Aion. It is extremely interesting, I would
recommend reading it if you can. I will try to ask Crawbubble to share
the link with us so that we can learn from it... maybe tonight?

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