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Hello Adline,

to be honest, adline,
in such situation, as produced by them,
 one get only
a glimpse of gentle and satisfactory life.
You did not speak with the tram driver nor to the boy.

The satori or other mystical experience are bound also to hard
sensewithdrawal and a mastering of ones
own soul.

By theory fantasy is a
attempt to produce the wished reality
also at the moment the "realization" maybe hindered.

But things in this respect are very complicated, having much fantasy is
also something living in ones own world,
some "inner milieu" of good feelings.

But is good to bound to this good feelings to social facts,
which withstand social critics.

If you are able to say, tell what you want,
I like my fantasy interpretations.

But in the moment you want to make social reality out of it,
a film, a poem, a book,
you are confronted with standards, expectations,
skills and maybe money or relations
or both to realize what you want.

If you have the skills, things look not so bad,
especially because this enables you
to look for projects in the realm of your skills,
withstanding social criticism which comes more often and
sometimes more unfriendly than
is good for ones own cultivation or soul.
But with skills you are able to
not care to much about it.

So, learning to express oneself cultivated
is a good art to build a stable inner milieu bound
to associate other stabilizing inner
and outer milieus.

This is not done if such high experiences as satori
are used in an inflantionary
destroying them downscaling way.

It is comparable to ride bicycle for five minutes
in a moderate everyday life situation  and to say: "that is the way to win
the tour de France."

What would you think about such a person, if she is speaking
somewhat seriously?

The efforts to be made to get there are
more than to become a first class professional
sportsman or intellectual.

already Spinoza  regretted,
that it fails so often.

There is real difference to keep
everyday live very low concerning
gentleness, understanding and cultivation,
especially the regulation of the
relation aspect of communication is violated very often,
often at most for people who very sensitive in this respect.

There the combination of neurology and yoga,
also refection science and any kind
of expressing and cultivation helps.

But so often you see a small
flower and the  a moment later some bisons
are running over it.

That is more than puzzling,
don't you think so?.

greetings Harald Wenk
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It happens on the street.
The tramway today has opened its doors
at a place it usually did never used to open the doors.

[censcor Cut]

watching her on the tramway as it stands by.throwed
and nobody stops, the boy still talks with the driver.
by a gentle art of discussion, the drivers changed, there was an other

nearly five minutes passed. the boy was having difficulties

 to explain . they were having this miserable feeble discussion.
this made me think of nothing, yet it gave me some impression
i was wanting some understanding what were they saying. but talking
about Tramway was the rihgt place i found calcke in the seat formated
within the vehicles fabrication.is not as this like zen attitude. a
was looking I was yes for some satori, i was. worth mentioning! . is it
a metaphor if i say the tramway talked to me. he was feeling the weight
of Anna when she entered the satori experience. it was just an blinking
illusion, but when I saw the Lights, the subtle acid yellow light
in the brains/engines/mappemonde, i got experienced and took comfort. or
assistance in the total absorpation in the belly of the Magnificient Old
Instrument of joy in the streets..
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