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? asked by Fili Houtman to consider the claim that Hesbollah is
supporting us in its action
by the Syrian and the Iranian gov. its all geology. we're in touch. it's
the human tissue. this is denied or imagined according to which side you
are entering the troubling issue. it's a possibility and no one can say 
it's a solution yet.is it, the dice have already been rolling without
knocking on our warrior helmets, the future casts a glow and spells and
seems like a labyrinth full of an echoing people who are ...
on the exit of the labyrinth, their light is striking and the
subterranean construction thinks, but threatens to collapse and to
spread new currents auf concerns.
a in the new Middle East is on the , repeated Condoleeza Rice today to
Abou Amar who had not followed her rapid and imaginative disgretion.. so
answered, Fili here for the Guardians adressing her wishes to the
TemplierTemple on this beautiful hot day.

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