[D-G] Neurological Background of the maine notion of Deleuze and Guattari - inspired by Lacan - this may be very illumunating

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Sun Jul 16 10:57:50 PDT 2006

Hello altogether,

A lot of readers of Deleuze and Guattari, staring with the Anti_oedipe and
more in Mille Plateux, 
 suffer under the 
strange use of languange of them, as they are speking of psychology and
sociolgy in 
strange terms as machines, regimes and so on. 

After 2 years in this list I have come about to threw some light on this. 

Grosso Modo things look like this:

The brain has different parts. One Part - P A R T - 
is what is concious to us. 
This concious part is divided into one
wich takes up the signals from the skin, muscles
eyes, ears and so on and 
makes a  feeling, hearing and a visual picture in
the so called projecting part of it.
There is also a unconcious part which regulates
breathing, the heart rhythym, eyemovements, 
the regulation of some glands, mostly in inner organs,
and so on.
 There is another part, partly made of fine tissue, the great brain sphere.
This gratz brain spher is very grat in mankind. The only comparable are
dolphins, which were researched b yBateson in regard of their language,
but their brain is almost totally concerned with echoloting the sea.  

There is also a motoric part, which regulates the acting of muscles,
mostly concious, but some so fast that it isa automatical - especially if

Now there is a lot of brain chemie, neurotransmitters,  
which regulate the connection between the 
central nervous cells, which are able to be connected to one another.
There is not known so much about the real inner central nervous process, as
you avoid
cutting brains of living people - there you take mice. 
Now there are connections which are adding one another, exhibitory ones,
and other, hindrung the firing of the exhibitory ones, the inhibitory ones. 
Now the differents hormons and glands and neurotransmitter 
are responsible for the parts acting and which is
connected to your feeling, mood and thinking. 
There are selfamplfing connectionns.
Now there are spontaneosly and by efforts new connections in the brain.
The proecess of the brain chemie is a little bit autonomous and
if there are new connections, it depends 
what neurotransmitter are going to be new produced,
it is learnd  or determined by the cells new connected and the old chemie or
a mixture of all these.
There are some neurotransmitter making happy - the reason for drugs - and
some who give pain and all things
between the two states. 
Now the old parts, very similar to the regulation of the body like in other
are more and more connected to the part specfic for mankind, which is also 
some kind of tissue in the grat brain sphere. 
The more connections lead that there functions of
the brain are eventually changed.
This may result in mental disturbances. 

 There are so much connections that mostly 
a better or another functiong can take place. 
Now you have a neurochemical autonomous process 
which gives you moods and affects.
I f there are made strong new connections, you feel it
and get a litte crisis or europhorie.
This may result in a large newstructuring of the personality. 

Now the addition of new connections, especially if th efine
tisssue is connected to the projecting and
regulating part gives a change, at best growth of personalizty or I, which
is bound to 
get concious, at least as feeling or mood.
This is the neurological ground of "Where it was shall be I" of Freud. 

Sometimes the change becomes so strong, taht we can speak of the rals change
of the personalitz.
This is most striking by becoming an adult from childhood, but the process
goes on. 

But the "I" is only apart of the brain.
There is also a bigger process, or parts which can be involved
in the proces of becoming concious ot the brain process, which are not
integrated by the "I", whic is that 
part felt to be controlled by refelecting and the so called free will. 
The integraion bz the I is doner b conciousness whith more or less feelings 
and results  some more or less cohrent
Thinking. This is the rolr of logic / also empahsiyed bz Freiud and Deleuye
and Guattari.
Lacks in pragamtic and emotional logic by double bind give severe harm yto
the integration and ius damaging the I. 

This bigger art of integration is the Machine in our head, 
which has also representaions of the outer world and the rules
we have learned and the frears by processes of pain crisis bounded
by assioaction to some content.  
Now this neoromental machine, involving very fine sensation from
the unconcious part, communicates with other neoromental machines of other
and also stimulate or hinder one another.

Now by making new connectoions, als a new strates, a mode to feel or
reminding on Kants forms of perception and visualiying, 
is installed. Therfore something like idiosynkrasies and taste
and ways to work and ways to feel and act are strates,
combining one another. 
This gives the structure of the psychic matter  concept coined by Lacan. 

This is some kind of real building by also structuring the new connections
or part of the brain.
Now as the machine grows, it maybe that some parts are not capable of
functioning good
with one another, giving blocking and pain.
Also the proces may have some stability or not, especially if there are new
connections to build in. 

This strates , arts of feelings and thinking constitute and express
the world our inner world, the experienced world which is 
a lot produced by the brain chemie as structured by the neurotrnasmitters
and the neuromental strates,
which are nothing
than the regulation of the brain chemie and firing connecions.

Now sometimes a building of grat new connexions may cause such an
that the concious startegic "I" process falls back for some time    a

This is what I compared which building new street and the traffic slows down
very much. 

Now if it is possible to make new connexions with a lot of that fine tissue
matter, which makes more generous
and stable in thinking and feeling, it is a growing if the whole machine, 
making feel better, also the "I"
will take a bigger part and harmoniye more withe the machine and other

And the hormon driving is not so  urgent, as the process and the
produced by the tissue and the autonomous central nervous system  makes
feeling more smooth and not so 
urgent, resulting in more culture, more creativity, patiance, accurance and
more intese feeling.
Also the feeling for others. 
Intensity grows by a succesfull integrating new connections. 

So the "machine" is a neurobiological integrating process, 
while the bodz without organs  is the new, unstructured
brain materie which is able to be straified, new structure and give
more  virtues or possibiltiy of thinking and acting - also building up
"organs" in a way - new senses for example.

There are a lot of different part processes integtated, some very intense,
are ver slow and so on.

Ther maybe very much pain and harm if the signals 
of the body are not enough and hinderd to being
connected to the great brain. 
This is like amplifying  a noise 
which a very low frequency band, like an old grammophon.
There have to be more connections to the body, to the skin and muscles and
to the glands.
And this, this is done by kundalini  yoga, especially in the neck
or behind the navel, where the real spinal cord. 
By breathing also the connections between the projecting, the sensomotoric
part is very much tuned. 

Also the forehead is tuned up, giving more strategic and I thinking and the
autonomous cenrtral nervous
is more connected tha ever.

So far.

gretings Dr. Harald Wenk 

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