[D-G] a close words to Nz and Jussi

NZ pretzelworld at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 13:44:18 PDT 2006

but.. nichol does not have to pass through the same onologocal mirror
that you have choosen to pass through and strickly speaking
"metaphysical"  can truely be metaphysical only if it meets such an
ontological definition. whether or not "wondering" about science must
be metaphysical is just not so... the wondering can also be physical,
materialistic... there are dialectical materialist descriptions of
these same metaphysical phenomena that is so troubling.
I am seeing a very narrow corridor, only getting smaller.

I will jump to the side and pass through my ontoloical mirror once
again and find myself in a larger space... ahh!

(so... yoga & spinoza & nietzche... & DyG...
over and over again in every paragraph perhaps!!)


I have finally come to some headway w/ "wooden iron"... it is not
nietzche, {why cant we just do away with that poet for once?}, it is
not nietzche but shopenhaur who said it in response to hegel's
ridiculous logic of history. but schopenheur does not go into
dialectical materialism, marx certainly does.

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