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-Dear Deleuze
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if you watch well:
on certain newspaper the newspaper goes there is a talkback.
people seem to answer to threads, which are Deleuze's
idea of events as mediatic, as opposed of "his events".                 
    which are not anymore essences.
 the interactive crowd has a strong tendency to be true to the mediatic
 event, and to forget the bevyness in me                                 

i don't remember if Deleuze idea was to remain "digne" true to the
event, and if it's ie.apt to feed-back it.
but that's not the question to me.

the question is: how can I explain the immediate humane consensus in me
which greets adventure of events of mediatic nature if not
by going beyound by sting push the transparent film protecting
as if in a double bubble as you swarm the event in a mediatic
do you practices this kind of sport in your territory?. i don't explain
what can you/we/I share with an old schizo like me on the tissue
surrounding the 
habits I have learned from inhabitants of the mediatic environment. with
what tools can we and do we treat the events?
here? so as to polish better, so it looks smooth. i say here.

deep regards to the listeners

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