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  language, the fomulation of logos will only deliminate a portion, a
sub-set of the absolute. it is the nature of language to obscure the

  to say that ""america has no control by free market but so far that the (federal) state of america is controlling the foreign market""  instead saying america is still a colony of France calls for emancipation from federal state. but there are no such colonies. what i sayth was different. i sayth that american capitalism is organized by the federal institutions/state of america, and by a strange phainomenon Europe follows america. Europe follows america because america has won Europe's sympathy. they have won their sympathy because american are sympatheticous people to them. not because they freed europe from german's nazis. still now after the iraq war, americans are well considered. nevertheless i am wondering why Europe cannot find more quickly an alternative to a subjection, or resignation to the american power and vision of the world. because 1) some objects, that i called fix capital, cross along the different borders. french and american journalist have their own opposite
 subjectivities, ignoring or ironizing one 2 the other. but the same people find common objects, stretching all across borders. these objects, are desired by american citizens, and the american federal state sacralized its control over all other parts of the earth, which communicate or are communicated by this common objects of fix capital, so that this movement empedes people mind in europe (i pick europe) to aquire independency: european states spaces are replaced, removed, and instead we have the movement communicated from the common objects that are desired aswell by a majority of american citizens, and the federal institutions themselves have managed to find control on them. 2) maybe these objects can be oil, as Noam Chomsky advocates in the quotes article. yet i am not thinking its as actual as "oil", oil is not the reason, it's the fabric of the world, the finite whole, situation which made Runmsfelf and co start the invasding of Iraqk. 3) in any case the common object which
 communicate a space could see a) the kind of movement expressed by your mail, arguing that america keeps ties with the British Empire because of this allegeance to common objects, b) (to stay pick up Europe) Europe _needs_ to find independence from the same common space they share with Fix Capital. their state are going soon, as much as appeared in French Riots iBelieve, obsolete. i predict it, that the State of France will loose meaning to a increased already growing number of people. the task is to wonder about the foreign policy of these growing obsolete states of Europe. foreign relation to exterior world. will the States of Europe, the federal state of EU, will do what, for whom? can european citizens gather around or rather outside these common notions? I think some clue lye in Nietzsche nomadic insight in European Aristocratic Elites. Deleuze and Guattari in Anti-Oedipus have presented to their readers a Nietzsche who gradually went away from they say Caesar as a model. But
 DG have the advantage to come after Nietzsche and say whatever they want, to overcode Nietzsche ideas, and use it to their own personal goals. I never subscribed to DG views, either in Deleuze book on Nietzsche, for some reason akin to the idea you expressed, that language "nature" is the tendency to obscure the ... . So let's get back to read Nietzsche, to find a solution to this querry on European self determination. I think the enemy is really these common deaf and idiot objects, that determine our lives across the Atlantic Rift. Now in Europe what is important is to find out what can be recuparated from the communicating movement. Find the right delocalizations of this things. I see the answer coming from both drifts. But self determination for Europe means not to copy American Federal State, and competing with it. I have been to NYC and already I see the artistic research have drifted across the rift. I don't wish to overcode something that is so difficultly built, yet well,
 and you go to NY and you don't find something that is important in European Art (i am talking of post 2001/2003 art) . It's really important for americans to cross the ocean, and learn how to desubjectivize. I think likely for European its in desubjectivation , (disorganization of Past subjectivation habits,) I wanna deal with this issue now. Gros Kissoux

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