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i like the idea, it seems fascinating. i like fascinating theories. i usually try to keep them away from this list but some ideas i have had this morning took my fancy. you know schizophrens can hear the subliminal messages of radio, and now what matters in that you are capable to hear subliminal because your life is open to such reception. it doesnot matter if what you hear or understand or live while schizocrisis scatters, in you, but what you are capable to experience is never need to be measured by models of acuracy. so yes the american as a colony of britishs. it makes more sense than the reverse. yet i would say that the idea of colony is somewhat reductive. its political slogans, yet its not comprehensive of the whole. its fractalized world, fractilized whole. not "monist" enough the idea of colony. ? but give please give the info or the title of the link url or book that makes you read. another idea is last year i was in Paris, and the impression in Paris is always very
 paranoid: The Eiffel Tower lashing two symetrical lazer beams across the Parisian Lights, its a frightening and beautiful scenery, have you seen that? and Paris seems, besides being what it "is", also somewhat strangely Russian. Because the State is so important ( like a Inhuman Machinic Despot surveying every thing in the France Imperium) in Paris. And yes something which surprised me in NYC was how much streets and the publi q equipment looks so much , paid attention to. Central Park is like a little Eden in a Mark Twains novel, and the tunnel benaeth the channel between Manhattan and Queens is so well looking. "Aw They are still caring for making it all sound convenient" i was so suprised: who cares? i was wondering. who cares to furnish a good looking tunnel? you would say its the Maire who wants that. but anyway who must be answered by, what, what is happening, what is the process of having care for public equipment. Its like in Paris, the attachment for the Grandeur, what name
 is there in english for Grandeur? Grandiosity, Radiance, like when you say innocently, when you are President of France, and you say innocently, like humbly: France must "rayonner" dans le monde. France needs to irradiate. Think then of Murruroha, and French expension of her military Machine. Waow. And then you collate this with your impression of stay in Paris. I would say that your question on America or US being still colony of British, the question might give a truthful justification for being layed and asketh. But the question comes from the difference between fix capital and schizophrenic marginal. something could be brought from fix capital into the schizosphere. i guess this explains the potential out of which such question is brought in your mind to think about it, but doesnot answer it. you still need find a solution, please bring the subject here it seems interesting nevertheless of the origin of question ive tried to think about today. i have not time today will read
 other April 1912 letter tomorrow or tonight. salut

NZ <pretzelworld at gmail.com> wrote:
  in fact I dont see anything, no numbers, no patterns nor bin-hex code,
I just never knew that my computer could understand greek text untill
i saw that email. I knew there must be a way to read it so I looked
for a translator but could only find the one liksted above, which is
never gonna do a good job but at least I felt a little closer to the
subject and the cyrilic, er greek alphabet. it was the experience for
which I was thankful. as for relating it to what you said, i dunno, I
pay attention to exactly half of everything that I confront, so I must
have missed your comment, cuz I don't know what it was about, I'm
still busy thinking about kitchener turning into churchill turning
into thatcher turning into blair and trying to read about how america
is still a colony of the british, in terms of banking specifically
most current events point to this point, the point of wars. also my
ipod psychologist has recently re-wrote my hardrive for the new year
and I'm still getting myself adjusted to all the crazy playlists that
I'm supposed to use. The books-on-tape section has to be expanded to
cover the biography of churchill, what a juvinile delinquent that boy
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