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Gondo -Minnie gondominnie at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Feb 26 14:42:41 PST 2006

i can agree that the circumstances are of falling back on
  and i agree to the contrary aswell, and think this is a progressive time
  the thing is not to discuss in the void, and get to go to some place
  if we don't know, or see 
  if we all we have is words
  then let's forget this place but first
  decide why to leave it
  and leave it then for good
  why do you keep yourself so secretive
  and do not say in a discussion about university
  why you seem to defend the reasearchers
  that are sold to the ennemy?
  are you sold to the ennemy yourself?
  that question is there,
  and now you have to answer
  so that we know where to we belong
  your on yur defensive, stop that.

hwenk <hwenk at web.de> wrote:

As this list is very international,
I think a common discussion is the most of a common practice we can expect
under the given circumstances.

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