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if spo called banalties are
completely neglegced or the opposite
ist taken without any argument.
Then every chance of a
thinking or practice wich has something to do with
liberation and achieving the
greater happiness of the greatest number - which is my starting point for
political issues.
The greatest number includes normally the writer and the replier.

Sometimes I have the impression even this banality is neglegcted.

greetings Harald Wenk
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to say that all people know what they excospect, is like when Deleuze say in
Pourparler: we say: "tout le monde sait bien... everybody knows...
  a sentence starting by these words must be referring to a political
agenda, and is a slogan.
  why Turning Marx upside down, personnaly why do you talk often about Left
as something which would have a meaning that you seem to have an understand
thereof, meanwhile Marx is turned upside down somehow, and routine work,
banality becomes elevated to the rank of a motto for your idea of life of
not so bad life.

  see ya

hwenk <hwenk at web.de> wrote:

I refer to the theory of Spinoza that the essence of every being is to
stay in being (conatus), to try to exist further on. The normal economic way
of thinking is that companies are there for earning money.
But most of the money is reinvested and has to, for otherwise
the money incorporated in the company, the capital, which is normally
greater than the
money gained in one period, is lost.
This, in some thinking, bounds to say that you don't posses the company but
the companies
possess you. Especially if you want to earn money for
a unfinished number of periods.
Now to make science appropriate for new inventions for the market is
normally to
expensive and is done only in very big companies like IBM or ITT,
also relying on high parts on university scientific research.
The way engineers invent is very often
professional zed by tools, also mathematical theories,
which make things easier and bound to be computed and foreseen.
This, in terms of Marx, boils invention in large parts down to
some kind of average or routine work.
This can also be rationalized by computer programs,
as it is done for example for the layout of the
design of new microchips, which is computer aided.
As you can see, there are always new microchips developed.
Sometimes there is even a road map of the development
of new chips, that are long term plans with stages.

This is not so bad, for all people know what they have to expect,
which gives a secure or controlled development.

greetings Harald Wenk

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