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in a first spinozistic view they want simply their company to exist
 further on, mostly on
a higher level.
Inventing something maybe not so bad but expensive. Cheaper is to adapt
something developed at the universities.

greetings Harald Wenk
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> as far as I know, the population of the earth is still growing.
> The only possibilty to avoid starving of more people is to
> increase the production of food.
> In Europe and Japan, maybe also in the USA, there is
> overproduction of food concerning their own markets.
> But in the more poor countries of the third world this is of course not
> the
> case.

  ok so but why is it first in Europe and Japan than maybe USA but anyway
some companies commercialize the products. Because they want to further
invent something else. What do you think?

> But thinking ecological is in my eyes thimking in termes of harmony and
> long
> terms,
> the children of the children of the children .. should also live
> happy without any danger on this earth.
> greetings Harald WEnk
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  ok but France is a rich country and i think the operation is different.
  If there was a disaster, and OGM were sent immediately massively to
Tsunami affected people, plants growing faster. Or for nomads houses in
ecological hight tech material. Then i would stop reading books. I think we
have to watch the real, not
  the possble beauties that will happen in the next century thanks to the
effort of a few brave and cool people.(the scientists). Its tender to look
in this light, and for my depression, it works. And Deleuze maybe not but
Guattari would have said so.
  But now if i want to b anyway.

  The left is not saying OGM are not natural, they say they are there for a
puprose unexplained. When they say this, the companies producing these type
of products, cannot give them an intelligible answer.

  Maybe some gurus and some leftist have said other things. I don't care
.What is interesting is there. Find it. And fold it with something else,
more struggles .

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