[D-G] Joy and this list called "driftline"

NZ pretzelworld at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 10:56:41 PST 2006

that high vs low
that sad vs happy
that  damn stupid binary , even freud forced his view into that grid
so go ahead and carry it if  you want, where ever you think it can go,
go for it dude, cuz dats da bomb!

its kinda dumb for so many peeps to keep carrying this on, please why
do we need to know about the genes of dancers and their
neurobiological disposition for a "high" from the cognative act of
dancing, that saratonin overflow, beyond the pleasure principle, the
death drive is also in the box, drop the box, drop this freudian
version of neiztche, satre dug us a hole for us to be happy in

please this high - low game is so idiotic. its purely behavioristm,
not philosophy. we live in the 21st century we do not need to live in
holes in the ground anymore!

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