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after pondering a while about the question, what the best help of a
professional psychiatrist for schizophrenics could be, I have come about
that avoidance of social drifting is very important.
The last publication of Felix Guattari concerning his practice
as a member of the directory board of the clinic "de la borde" is
"Chaosmose" from 1993 - I have it only in French and don't know if
is translated in English.
The main issue is about subjectivation.
As you as a professional surely knows, a lot of
patients in a clinic doesn't finish their university degrees or other
professional educations.
As Guattari pointed out and also other schools of psychiatrists and
one has to take in account the very intensive, companied with intensive
crisis, life
of the patients.
>From a phenomenological point of view, they are in
a very artificial "Lebenswelt", their
stand in the society is poor.
This not good for them at all.
As you know this led to a very
high quote of ambulant cures, avoiding
stays in  clinics as much as possible.

Now, in Great Britain you had the already dead Laing.
Before he became a famous anti-psychiatrist, he
lived for a while with schizophrenic patients
in a community.
 There were less then ten people, if I remember right.

Now this is possibility to get own experience, helping them to help
without subjecting them overriding their own will and their instincts and

As I pointed out a lot of time in this list,
"A healthy spirit habits in a healthy body".
Therefore, less psychopharmaca, at best a lot of
yoga with a lot of pranayama and kundalini or kriya yoga.
As psychical crisis cost a lost of also bodily efforts, in my eyes
a healthy body with in a good trained condition is absolute necessary
for being cured.
As you know, psychopharmaca tend to make the patients very calm und make
little motivated to move their body.
Also the intellectual life is brought   very much down to elementary
Therefore the use of psychophrmaca is at best very restrictive.

The second part, a healthy mind, is at best trained with  advanced
intellectual efforts, also
at best combined
with some sort of
qualification - as finishing university degrees or
other professional qualifications.
Mathematics as such is also very helpful, as it
disciplines the mind beyond any ideological, religious, philosophical or
esthetical controversies, letting the believes
and opinions of the patients untouched.
This gives also technical intellectual
skills,  which are bound to be proud of and to be
accepted from  others in a wide range.

In general, it is good to look at the patients at most
very serious, especially in moral or intellectual issues,
sensible people and treat them as such.

Greetings Harald Wenk

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Dear all, I was working as a psychiatrist in London until a year ago but was
dismissed following a nightmarish few months during which I tried to bring
to the attention of senior management a couple of members of staff who were
behaving rather aggressively towards patients. My concerns were met with
derision from management who infromed the two practioners of my concerns.
The two practioners, both senior to me, then concoted a nice set of
allegations concerning my hollding "views which could be deemed
anti-psychiatry and thus put patients at risk". I was dismissed from my post
and prevented from practicing again in London. During this period of
confrontation, I read some of the works of Foucalt, Deleuze and Guttari, and
felt that perhaps I was extremely naive in entering psychiatry with the hope
of achieving anything which the "patients" mind find of value to their

I would like to know if there is a good introduction to the work of D+G
which can lead on to further study and also what people's opinions are as to
whether D+G feel there is anything worthwhile about thepursuit of psychiatry
at all.



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