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As to this, I think Guattari is most valuable to you in that he was a 
psychoanalyst (though not a psychiatrist, it's true), and I believe his 
concern was that the philosophical ramblings Worked somehow...but this is 
also why I've not mentioned Eugene Gendlin, as he is still alive and working 
and engaged in both psychology and philosophy.
If you haven't read Laing yet, definitely do so, as I'm pretty sure he was a 
psychiatrist (but could be wrong here).
best, Julia
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> Dear all, I was working as a psychiatrist in London until a year ago but 
> was
> dismissed following a nightmarish few months during which I tried to bring
> to the attention of senior management a couple of members of staff who 
> were
> behaving rather aggressively towards patients. My concerns were met with
> derision from management who infromed the two practioners of my concerns.
> The two practioners, both senior to me, then concoted a nice set of
> allegations concerning my hollding "views which could be deemed
> anti-psychiatry and thus put patients at risk". I was dismissed from my 
> post
> and prevented from practicing again in London. During this period of
> confrontation, I read some of the works of Foucalt, Deleuze and Guttari, 
> and
> felt that perhaps I was extremely naive in entering psychiatry with the 
> hope
> of achieving anything which the "patients" mind find of value to their
> lives.
> I would like to know if there is a good introduction to the work of D+G
> which can lead on to further study and also what people's opinions are as 
> to
> whether D+G feel there is anything worthwhile about thepursuit of 
> psychiatry
> at all.
> Yours,
> Nick
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